Accepting The Job

2017 ~ May 28 ~ Accepting The Job

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I have been called … actually I have been called a LOT lately.  God keeps putting opportunities in my way.  Yes, IN my way.  I keep steering around them thinking it is not time yet.  I mean, life is extremely busy.  I don’t have the time to commit to learning a new skill or to expand on what I already know.  I only have time to do what I am already doing.  Isn’t that enough?!

But the answer is “NO” and not a simple little “no” but a HUGE, BIG, FAT “Are you kidding me?! NO.  It isn’t enough.  You have a gift.  Use it.  Now.  Believe in yourself and all things shall fall into place.  Don’t doubt.   You can handle this.  I have chosen you.  You are the special one.  The one I need for this task.  Follow me and I shall lead you to peace.  Come.  Let’s start.”

It’s true.  I have been declining God’s job offer – not because it wasn’t a great offer but rather because I didn’t believe I was qualified.  Sure, I knew I could perform some of the duties, but seriously He really thinks I can do all that?!  Has He seen my life?  Most days I feel as though I am barely holding it together the way it is.  How could I possibly add anything else to my plate?

As I have told my kiddos so many times, “Do not look back.  It is not about where you have been but rather where you are and the direction you are headed.”  I am sure they thought it was all quite crazy hearing that as they learned to peddle their little bicycles without training wheels.  But it is true.

We have endured various struggles in life – those situations which tear us apart at the seams.  When looking back, it is easy to say “How in the world did I make those poor decisions?  Why would I have placed myself in such a situation?  I am so ashamed of myself.  How could anyone want me after that?”

The truth is …. We all fail.  In fact, I fail quite often.  It is not because I don’t care or am just winging it in life.  I care so much my heart hurts.  I give of myself to an extreme knowing others do not care the same.  I lay my heart out there knowing most likely it will be trampled.  But I care.  I do not know how else to be.

So pain is part of life.  Along the path of life, I shall be run over by some yet picked up by others.  I shall be squashed beyond control yet see a hand reaching to pull me up.  It is those friends, those people who when you are down they come to your aide and mend your heart with their kindness.  Those tender people whom I call friends.  So, yes it seems as though I have had more than my share of sorrow and heartache, but in the process, I have found the handful of sweet-spirited men and women whom I could trust with my life and the lives of my children.

So it’s time to put myself back out there again – to trust in God’s opportunity.  He is my biggest fan.  I know thru Him all things are possible.  Now it’s time for me to step up to the plate, be bold and courageous, and believe in myself.  If I stumble and fall along the way, it will all be okay.  He has already given me a foundation of friends who will pick me up and a light to always follow – His love for me in never-ending and always forgiving.