The Blank Page ….

The Blank Page …

2015 – January – 1

2015 - 1 - 1 - Flower Orange

Oh how I cherish the blank page on my calendar! You know, the page with absolutely NOTHING written on it … not a thing to do, place to go, call to make …. just BLANK. So you sit there with this amazing sense of peace, pondering what you are going to do with this magical FREE DAY. The possibilities are endless …. go to the beach with the kids, sew amazing sundresses for the girls, read a brand new book for hours (wait, not happening as I would have to leave the house to buy the book then the magical spell would be broken). So you vow to ENJOY THE DAY as these prizes are so few.

Then you remember WHY the page is BLANK …. The obvious, while you may not have any PLACE to be, you definitely have THINGS to GET DONE. In fact you have SO MANY THINGS to GET DONE that itty bitty calendar page could not possibly hold them all. The night before in order to get to sleep, you found yourself getting out a NEW 80 PAGE NOTEBOOK to document the HUGE, oh so VERY HUGE, MONSTEROUS MUST GET DONE SINCE I HAVE A FREE DAY LIST.

So now the challenge is to see HOW MANY THINGS YOU CAN GET DONE. NO!!! The day is turning into a MARATHON! I will teach it …. I WILL NOT GET OUT OF MY PAJAMAS! I REFUSE! Then the day can not start. I will stay in my PJs, lay in bed, look at my beautiful, BLANK CALENDAR dreaming of all the creative, peaceful ways I could spend my time. Oh the things I could do that I enjoy.

And REALITY sets in to snap me out of my obvious DAYDREAM … I chose to be a wife and a mom. Our children are young so my job of raising them is full-time. Not to mention, this IS a THURSDAY! What was I thinking? There is home school to teach, laundry and dishes to wash (and hopefully get put away), and our 1 year old puppy to train. That is just the TIP of the ICEBERG, the monumental, oh so wishful, definitely unattainable list of what I would REALLY LIKE TO ACCOMPLISH in one day. The list that would only be accomplished if time stood still for, oh maybe like an ETERNITY. Seriously! What was I thinking? I am only human. Did I really think I could possibly accomplish ALL that in ONE DAY?!

Here’s what I do know … No matter whether your calendar is BLANK or an OVERLOADED, YOU determine how your day is going to turn out. Seriously. YOU ARE IN CHARGE! There may be an abundance of phone calls; demanding emails, mail, and text messages; screaming children; or a multitude of other aggravating circumstances …. but know this …. YOU DECIDE HOW YOUR DAY WILL PLAY OUT!

You may struggle at times with situations. I know. It sucks. All you wanted was a simple, happy, calm … FREE DAY. Life goes on though. No matter what you do, there will always be a things-to-do list hidden somewhere, sort of like the Disney Search-and-Find books I spend hours with our girls looking thru and they just can’t believe how long it takes sleepy mommy to find all the characters … but, I know YOU CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING set before you! How do I know that? Simple. While we may doubt our own strength, GOD gives us only what we can handle. HE knows our strengths and is waiting for us to realize our potential. So, JUMP out of bed, GET DRESSED, and TAKE CHARGE! What are you waiting for? The alarm clock is buzzing on YOUR LIFE! Whatever comes before you, take a deep breath, remember to smile, and choose your words carefully as they last forever … and, of course, know that THRU HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


2 thoughts on “The Blank Page ….

    • I can’t believe it is already 2016. This project was set aside for quite some time. With that said, I have LOTS of pictures, stories of travel, creative projects, and more to share with everyone. Thank you for joining me on our adventure!


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